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The Best Way to Plant Grass Seed in Sandy Soil

A lush, green lawn takes a lot of work. Great lawns start with planting. If your lawn isn't planted correctly, it can be a lot more difficult to correct later. With a well planted lawn, you can enjoy a thick, lush carpet of grass that rivals that of golf courses. Some soils are easy to grow grass in, and others are more difficult. Sandy soil is one of the more difficult soils to grow grass in. However, even if your soil is sandy, there are techniques to give you that lush and green lawn that you desire.

Purchase a grass seed that can tolerate dry soils. Sandy soil drains extremely well, so you need a grass seed that is drought resistant. For southern lawns, Bermuda grass is a good pick. For northern lawns tall fescue is a great pick.

Improve the quality of the soil by adding organic matter like peat moss and compost into it. A well mixed soil incorporates equal amounts of sand and organic matter.

Pour the grass seed into your broadcast spreader. Set the dial on the spreader according to the seeding rate on your grass seed package. Grass seed typically is applied at the rate of 5 to 8 lbs per 1000 square feet for a new seeding.

Spread the grass seed over the area. Walk parallel paths to ensure an even spread.

Rake the seeds into the top 1/8 inch of the soil. This ensures great seed to soil contact.

Water the grass seeds 2 to 3 times per day, 5 to 10 minutes per watering. Your goal here is to keep the seeds moist, but not soaked. Also you don't want them to dry out. Depending on weather conditions and how fast your soil drains, you'll have to adjust the watering up or down as necessary.

Cut back on the watering after three weeks to 2 to 3 times per week. After another few weeks cut back to your regular watering schedule.


The best time to plant grass seed is the late summer or early fall. The warm sunny days and cool nights coupled with warm soil temperatures are ideal for grass seed germination. Also weed competition is low during this time of the year.

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