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How to Dry Flowers in Salt

Craft enthusiasts have discovered there are many ways to dry flowers. Drying usually alters the flower’s color. One way to help preserve the original color is to use salt in the process. When choosing a container for the project it should be large enough so the flowers can be spread over the bottom of the container in one layer, without overcrowding. You will need enough of the drying mixture to cover the bottom 2 inches of the container, along with covering the tops of the flowers. This approximation will help you judge how much drying mixture you need to make.

Mix together equal parts borax and white cornmeal in a large bowl. Add 3 Tbsp. of salt to each quart of the mixture and blend well.

Pour about 2 inches of the drying mixture on the bottom of a container and level. Arrange the flowers on the drying mixture. Some flowers do better face up, others face down. You will need to experiment.

Cover the flowers with the drying mixture, adding slowly so it seeps into all the nooks and crevices. Completely cover, but stop when the flowers are no longer visible.

Place in a dry location. Flowers will take between one and two weeks to dry, depending on the flower type.

Tilt the box gently to pour the drying mix from the flowers after they have dried. Carefully remove flowers and dust off the petals using a paint brush.

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