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How to Dry Basil Flowers

As you grow basil in your herb garden, one of the challenges is to continually remove the blossoms as they form on the plant. If you allow the basil flowers to grow, the plant will soon go to seed and stop producing new leaves. Don't discard the basil flowers as you remove them throughout the summer--dry them and use them. Basil flowers smell and taste faintly of basil, so just add them to your dried basil leaves.

Clip the basil flowers from the basil plants at the point where the flowers connect with the stem. Remove every basil flower you find growing on the basil plant.

Group three to four basil flowers together at the base of the flowers. Secure the flowers together with a rubber band.

Unfold one paper clip for each bunch of basil flowers; form each clip into an ā€œSā€ shape.

Hook one end of the paper clip onto the rubber band and hang the other end to a nail or hook in a dry and warm location.

Hang the basil flowers upside down for three to four days. Check the basil flowers after this time to see if they are completely dry. If the flowers feel dry and crispy when you touch them, they are sufficiently dry. Remove them from the hanging location.

Store the dried basil flowers in a glass or plastic container with a tight fitting lid. Combine the flowers with dried basil leaves and crush both together to create a delicious basil blend for seasoning savory dishes.

Basil Still Good After It Flowers?

Basil produces less aromatic and flavorful oils after it begins to flower, which causes it to develop a bitter flavor. Flowering also makes the stems become woody, rendering them inedible. Although it's still possible to eat the leaves after flowering, you must remove the stems from each leaf and the foliage won't have its full flavor. Frequent harvesting throughout the growing season also delays flowering.

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