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Ornamental Grasses in Wisconsin

Ornamental grasses in Wisconsin are limited in variety by the temperate environment characteristic of the Midwest. Only the most hardy of ornamental grass species can endure the cold winter temperatures found in this area; they include Blue Dune, Morning Light, Blue Fox and Feezy grasses. Ornamental grasses, like other lawn grass species, prefer direct sunlight and nutrient-rich soil.

Blue Dune

Blue Dune ornamental grass is fast spreading and well suited for sloping terrain prone to soil erosion. This dune grass can grow up to several inches in height and is uniquely capable of germinating in the sandy soil environments of Wisconsin. Due to its highly efficient reproductive capacity, Blue Dune grass should not be planted in a perennial garden because it will invade and take over the entire garden area.

Morning Light

Morning Light is a clumping grass species that is planted in medium-to-large garden environments in Wisconsin. Morning Light can grow up to 5 feet in height and has broad green leaves. Clumping ornamental grass species such as Morning Light are not suitable for sloping environments or erosion control.

Blue Fox

Blue Fox ornamental grass is a clumping variety similar in size and appearance to Morning Light. Blue Fox is a popular decorative plant for northern rock gardens and prefers well-drained soil and full sunlight. Clumping ornamental grasses can be easily divided and replanted by taking a pie-shape slice out of an established clump.


Feesey ornamental grass spreads quickly through the process of dividing reproductive rhizomes. Similar to Blue Dune, Feesey's quick-spreading and strong, hardy root system enables this grass to grow on embankments with the added benefit of improving soil erosion control. Feesey is the ornamental grass of choice in Wisconsin for the stabilization of river banks.

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