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How to Protect Flowers From Rabbits

By Joshua Duvauchelle ; Updated September 21, 2017

The explosion of colors in your flowers garden may be attractive to the eye, but they may also be attractive to the hungry rabbits in your neighborhood. A few rabbits in your garden or flower bed can quickly wreak havoc on your landscape and leave your plants decimated. Take proactive measures to protect and defend your flowers from rabbits to preserve your landscape's health and beauty.

Clear away brush, debris and large stands of dense vegetation from around your flower bed. These often provide hiding places for rabbits, and the animals may be less likely to prey upon your flowers if they must travel across a large open expanse to get to the flowers.

Erect a fence around your flower bed. Any fence that is 6 inches high or more will block all but the most determined rabbit. A mesh fence is sufficient and economical, but more attractive options can be used for your flowers, such as a white picket fence.

Grow flowers that rabbits tend not to like. Examples include allium, anise hyssop, baptisia and bee balm. Either plant your entire flower bed with rabbit-resistant species, or plant them along the edges of your flower bed to deter rabbits.

Apply a rabbit repellent. These come in both spray and granular form and are typically formulated with the urine from large predators. This tricks the rabbits into thinking a predator is in the area and effectively scares them away. Apply according to the specific product's label, as potency and range of efficacy varies widely by product.


Things You Will Need

  • Fence
  • Rabbit repellent


  • Hiring an animal pest control company to trap and remove the rabbits is a last resort after exhausting all other options, as such services and traps are typically expensive.

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