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Native Plants of Mississippi

Mississippi is the home to various types of native plants. Mississippi’s native plants adapt well to the state’s acidic soil. These plants thrive in the region's climate and produce forage and fruit necessary to numerous species of Mississippi wildlife.


Red maple is a tree native to Mississippi. The red maple grows as tall as 90 feet in ideal conditions. This tree produces flowers during the months of February and March. Because of its wide canopy, the red maple makes a useful shade tree in many yards and landscapes. The river birch is another type of deciduous tree native to Mississippi. This tree grows in sandy soils found near streams and rivers. This tree is useful for quick establishment, but is short-lived.


Shrubs provide many uses in landscape designs, including backdrops, hedges, and focal points. Shrubs that are native to Mississippi include the Red Buckeye. This small shrub grows 10 feet high and thrives along slopes of streams and creeks. Hummingbirds find this species attractive and often visit during the blossoming season in March and April. Mississippi’s native sweetshrub is a broad, bushy variety of shrub that produces fragrant flowers in spring. The sweetshrub prefers fertile soil or light, sandy soil.


Flowers provide color and seasonal beauty in Mississippi landscapes. Many varieties of native flowers thrive in containers and area flower beds. Blue star is a native variety of flower that produces blue flowers on spikes in the middle of spring. This flower grows to 3 feet in height, making it a good selection for a cut flower arrangement. Lobelia is another type of native Mississippi flower that thrives in slightly shady areas of the garden. This plant produces red flowers on spikes and prefers moist soil for optimum growth. The blazing star produces lavender blossoms on tall spikes. The blazing star is suitable for displaying in a vase.

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