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How to Grow Corn With Hydroponics

For avid gardeners or those who want to grow a large amount of flowers, fruits or vegetables, hydroponic gardening is the perfect trend to try. It not only allows less growing space for the same amount of crops, but is less messy and promotes quick and efficient plant growth. This is why it is ideal for plants such as corn, since the growing process is lengthy and requires lots of space.

Estimate one large container per corn sapling. The container should be three times as large as the sapling's root ball.

Choose hydroponic fertilizer at a local hydroponics store that is specific for corn or crops like it. Prepare the hydroponic fertilizer according to the directions until you have mixed the fertilizer and water together. Pour the combination of fertilizer and water into a large container with rock wool lining.

Cover the top of the container with plastic wrap and secure it around the top of the pot with a rubber band. Use the corn sapling to poke a hole into the plastic and continue straight through the rock wool with it.

Keep the corn in the hydroponics container in an area that receives a large amount of sunlight. This can be indoors (with fluorescent lighting) or outdoors depending on your region and geography. It needs at least seven hours of sunlight per day. Pay attention to pH balance because above 8.0 on the pH scale is too high.

Observe the corn regularly to make sure it is growing correctly and strong. Water the corn hydroponic container once you notice the water is evaporating to below the root tops. Do not add more fertilizer, just water. If you notice that the bottom leaves are turning brown, remove the plastic wrap for more oxygen.

Remove the plastic wrap completely once the corn appears to be growing strong enough so it doesn't need to be supported by the wrap.

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