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How to Grow Summer Squash on Trellis

By Tracy Morris ; Updated September 21, 2017

For gardeners across the United States, summer squashes are a warm-weather treat in casseroles or baked with butter and a little salt and pepper. Summer squash typically grows from vines on hillsides and requires full sun and good air circulation to produce large, healthy vegetables. Because of this, summer squash is a good candidate for growing from a trellis. Trellising squash is a good way to grow the plant in limited space. An inexpensive and simple to assemble trellis can be made from a cattle panel and a few fencing T-posts.

Determine where your row of summer squash will grow by placing a garden hose along the row. Squash should grow in full sun.

Mark the location of your T-post supports by measuring the length of your cattle panel. Place one T-post in the ground at the end of your garden hose, then measure off the length of the hose to the exact length of the cattle panel. Place the second T-post into the ground at this point.

Stand the cattle panel on its end next to your T-posts. Tie the panel to the posts using garden twine. Remove the garden hose.

Dig a one-inch-deep furrow that runs the length of the cattle panel trellis. Plant squash seeds by dropping them into the furrow and pushing dirt over them. Water well. Continue to water every two to three days if there is no rain until squash germinate.

Wait until squash plants emerge from the ground and display two leaves. Thin squash so that there is at least three feet of space between them.

Water regularly during periods of low rain and when squash plants are growing. Keep soil moist but not wet. Weed regularly and mulch around plants to crowd out grass.

Move vines an inch or less per day to train them. Movement of more than an inch may stress or break vines. Tie the plants with garden vegetable ties.


Things You Will Need

  • Garden hose
  • 2 T-posts
  • 1 cattle panel
  • Garden hoe
  • Squash seeds
  • Garden ties

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