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Planting Yucca Seeds

By Kate Carpenter ; Updated September 21, 2017

Yucca plants are wonderful in your xeriscape (water conserving) landscaping and they are easy to start from seed. You can store yucca seeds for several years before planting them with successful results. A yucca seed may take several months to one year to germinate and it is best to start your yucca seeds indoors. After two to three years, the yucca plant you started from a seed will be ready to be planted in your landscape.

Use sandpaper to scar the surface of your yucca seeds. Scarring roughs the surface coating of the seed to allow the water in and, later, ease the emergence of the new growth.

Fill a clay pot with potting soil that has been formulated for cactus, or use general, all purpose potting soil that you have supplemented with sand. Yucca seeds and plants need very well draining soil.

Plant your yucca seeds to the depth of two times the size of the seed. For example, if the seed is 1/2 inch in size, it should be planted 1 inch deep.

Water the planted yucca seeds and continue to keep the soil slightly moist until you see the yucca sprouts.

Place the pot of planted yucca seeds in a location that receives good, indirect sunlight and is warm. Your yucca seeds will germinate faster if you can keep the temperature of the soil at around 80 degrees F.


Things You Will Need

  • Sandpaper
  • Potting soil formulated for cactus or supplemented with sand
  • Clay pot


  • Overwatering will not benefit the germination of your yucca seeds and may cause your yucca seeds to rot instead of germinate.