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Annual Flowers to Plant

By J.D. Chi ; Updated September 21, 2017

Commonly known as annuals and sold in flats with multiple seedlings at large retailers, annual flowers offer a gardener plenty of versatility. These plants will generally last one season before dying back, so color schemes and ideas can be changed out every year. Annuals are popular border or potted plants that add instant color and variety to any landscape.


Available in three varieties, begonias are bushy annuals with pink flowers. Wax begonias, which are available with white, red or pink blooms, are the most popular, though angel wings and tuberous are also available. All begonias should be planted in a shady area and most flower all year round, with the exception of the wax variety, which flowers late spring through early fall, according to the N.C. State University Plant Fact Sheet. Wax begonias grow up to 1 foot, tuberous begonias grow up to 2 feet and angel wings may grow to 4 feet. All require moist soil, well-draining soil.


Popular for its large, colorful blooms, geraniums make excellent potted plants. These plants require full sun, except in the hottest regions, where partial shade is suggested, and they can grow to 2 feet, according to the N.C. State University Plant Fact Sheet. Flowers are a group of bunched, small blooms available in pink, red, salmon, white and bi-color. Plant in well-draining soil and water often, as these plants must stay moist to thrive. Plants bloom from late spring to early fall.


Available in a wide range of colors, including purple, yellow, white and pink, snapdragons can grow to 4 feet tall. These colorful plants have low foliage with a tall stalk that has a profusion of small blooms. A Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service study posted and revised in 2003 says snapdragons should be planted in mid to late spring and require full sun. Snapdragons require regular watering and may be used as cut flowers to add height to an arrangement.


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