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Garden Projects With PVC Pipes

By Izzy McPhee ; Updated September 21, 2017

Inexpensive and flexible, durable PVC pipe allows savvy gardeners to create many landscape options. It is weather resistant and light enough to move when assembled making it a wonderful material for temporary pens and gates. When properly constructed and maintained, greenhouses, arbors, trellises and even planters can be made to last for years. PVC pipe can be painted to match existing buildings and trim work making it blend with surrounding structures and decorations.

PVC Pipe Greenhouse

PVC pipe can be used as the support structure for plastic- or fabric-lined greenhouses. PVC pipe is especially suited for building temporary and mobile greenhouses. These structures are good for covering early crops to prevent frost damage. They are also useful in extending the growing season for vegetables or flowers. PVC pipe greenhouses can be more permanent, as well. If strong UV resistant greenhouse plastic and weather resistant wood is used the building can last for many seasons. This type of greenhouse is assembled on a concrete foundation or set directly on the ground.

PVC Pipe Hydroponic Planters

When the ends have been fixed with a watertight sealant, PVC pipe is a good option for hydroponic gardening. Holes large enough for single plants can be drilled or the entire top section of pipe removed. A pump is required to run the water and fertilizer through the pipe and plant roots. This system can be fashioned to hang from sturdy supports or sit directly on the ground or tables. For better heat absorption, painting the outside of the pipes black will help.

Additionally, pipes can be stacked with the longest on the bottom and shortest on top, a circulating pump can be installed to carry water to the highest pipe. Overflows added to the ends of each pipe will allow continuous water flow through every section. Buckets of water and fertilizer solution placed at ground level act as a solution reservoir.

PVC Pipe Arbor

PVC pipe makes a strong structure for growing plants on. A lattice effect is achieved when the pipes are laid out in a crisscross fashion. The pipes can be spaced far apart or close together, depending on what the plant species requires, as well as for aesthetic preferences. Screwing the pieces carefully to one another will keep them in place.

An arched arbor can be achieved by using elbow connectors and PVC that is easily flexed into the desired shape. The sides of this type of arbor can have chicken wire or regular lattice attached to add a secure feel and provide growing plant supports. As with the hydroponic set-up, PVC pipe arbors and other garden structures can be painted to match other landscaping installments.