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How to Water Cucumber Plants

By Kathryn Hatter

Many gardeners enjoy growing cucumbers in annual summer gardens because these vining vegetables grow easily and quickly during the summer months. Whether you train them to climb vertically or grow them in rows, the main concern with growing cucumbers is providing them with adequate and regular water. You must water cucumber plants regularly if sufficient rain does not fall--especially when the plants begin to blossom and set fruit.

Place the mulch around the base of the cucumber plants to help conserve soil moisture. Apply the mulch in a 2-inch-thick layer.

Keep a rain gauge in a spot nearby the garden to enable you to monitor how much rain falls each week. If less than one inch of rain falls in a one-week period, provide supplemental water for the cucumber plants.

Check the soil around the cucumber plants. Whenever the top inch of soil dries, water the cucumber plants until the surface soil is visibly saturated. Stop watering before puddles form.


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