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Apple Trees That Are Resistant to Fire Blight

Fire Blight is a bacteria that infects apple trees, especially in the Mid-Atlantic region. It causes blossoms to whither and die, and limbs to rot. The infectious cankers of fire blight can destroy an entire tree if not caught in time. It is difficult to predict when or if fire blight will strike and is very costly to control. Planting varieties that are resistant to this disease is a wise decision.


The Enterprise apple tree is a hybrid of the McIntosh and Delicious trees. In addition to being resistant to fire blight, Enterprise also resists apple scab, rust blight and powdery mildew. The fruit of this tree tends to hang and not drop when ripened. The fruit is a very deep red, almost purple in color. It has deep red stems and yellow-green leaves.


This apple tree is resistant to fire blight, apple mildew and apple scab. The blooms of the Goldrush tree bear white-petaled flowers outlined in deep pink. The Goldrush bears an average-size yellow fruit late in the season. The yellow skin color intensifies after the apple has been placed in storage. It stores very well, keeping for up to 7 months. These apples usually are ripe for picking during the month of October.


The Liberty apple tree resists apple scab and cedar apple rust in addition to fire blight. It needs little spraying to bear fruit. Liberty grows best in areas from the Midwest and Plains states to the heart of Texas. The fruit of this tree is deep red with white speckles that ripens early in the month of October.


Jonafree is resistant to apple scab and fire blight. This tree produces large amounts of fruit annually. Because of this, regular pruning to prevent limb damage is required. The buds of the Jonafree tree are deep purple and develop into a flower that is white on top and pale purple underneath. The fruit of this tree is yellow-green underneath with red overtones and have light tan dots that are recessed in the skin. It can be pollinated with the Goldrush or Enterprise apple tree.


The Redfree apple tree is resistant to fire blight, apple scab, cedar apple rust and powdery mildew. It blooms during mid-spring and produces fruit early in the harvesting season. The apples from this tree will be bright red with very firm flesh. Redfree apples have a sweet taste, making them popular for applesauce and desserts. The fruit may be kept up to one month in storage as long as it remains refrigerated.

William's Pride

The William's Pride apple tree is resistant to fire blight, powdery mildew, apple scab and cedar apple rust. It is an early blooming tree that may be pollinated with other varieties of apple trees as long as they are late bloomers. William's Pride produces its fruit early in the season. The apples from this tree are dark red to purplish red with a slightly striped appearance. The fruit is sweet and juicy and is recommended for fresh eating.

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