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How to Replace a Lawn Mower Fuel Line

Over time the rubber fuel line on most all gasoline engines will crack and break. When this occurs, the fuel line must be replaced to reduce a flammable hazard. Changing out a fuel line is a basic process of removing the old line, and installing a new one to the same length. The engine manufacturer specifications should be consulted as to the type and size of fuel line utilized. While the fuel line is being replaced, you may want to consider installing a new fuel filter as well.

Locate the fuel line. It will be a rubber tube or hose that runs from the fuel tank into the carburetor. Close the fuel valve located at the bottom of the gasoline tank, if applicable.

Place the gasoline container in a spot where the fuel can easily drain from the fuel line into the container. Use the pliers and pinch the steel ends, or ears, of the fuel line clamp together. This will loosen the clamp. Move the clamp on to the hose by 2 inches. Pull the fuel line from the carburetor.

Take the free end of the fuel line and place it inside the gasoline container. Allow the fuel to empty from the hose and gasoline tank, if applicable.

Pinch together the hose clamp at the fuel tank end of the fuel line, using the pliers. Move the clamp onto the hose approximately 2 inches. Remove the hose from the engine.

Lay the old fuel line and filter assembly on a flat surface. Lay the new hose next to the old one. Cut the pieces of the new fuel line to length with the pocket knife. Use the old fuel line as a template.

Remove all spring clamps from the old fuel line assembly. Assemble the new fuel line in the same order as the old fuel line. Use the old line as a template for adding the length of hoses and the spring clamps. Locate the directional arrow on the new fuel filter. Install the new filter with the arrow pointing in the direction toward the carburetor. In other words, the fuel must flow from the tank and into the carburetor through the filter following the arrow’s direction indication.

Install the new fuel line assembly on to the lawn mower engine in the reverse order as it was removed. Install the fuel line to the gasoline tank first. Insert the hose on to the carburetor. Open the fuel valve, if applicable.


Only use the manufacturer's replacement parts for your mower. Various manufacturers may use specific types of fuel line and fuel filters for their models.


Never expose gasoline fumes to open flames. The fumes are highly flammable and explosive.

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