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How to Clean & Prepare Bok Choy

Many people associate bok choy with Asian dishes. Although bok choy is at home in Asian cuisine, this vegetable is versatile enough to add to a variety of savory dishes--both raw and cooked. Bok choy is similar to celery, although it has a milder taste that many people prefer. Whether you grow your own bok choy in your garden, or you select the firmest stalks from the produce section, once you taste this delicious green vegetable you are sure to use it often in your cooking.

Unwrap the bok choy and remove the outer stalks. These stalks often have some discolor or wilting, so discard them.

Place the bok choy stalks into the colander, and run cool water over them. Rub away any soil or grit from the bok choy, using a vegetable brush if you desire.

Pull each stalk away from the bunch. Bok choy bunches are very similar to celery bunches, and the stalks separate in the same way. Pull the stems apart approximately 2 inches above the point where the stalks attach at the base of the bok choy.

Return the individual stalks to the colander and wash them again to be sure you rinse away all dirt and foreign materials.

Place the bok choy stalks onto the cutting board. Slice the bok choy into 1-inch slices if you desire. You can also leave the bok choy intact in long stalks.

Sauté the sliced bok choy in a frying pan. Heat a small amount of cooking oil ,and add the sliced bok choy to the hot oil. Stir and cook the bok choy in the oil for approximately five minutes.

Steam the bok choy stalks in a steamer basket. Fill a stockpot with 2 inches of water, and bring the water to a boil. Add the steamer basket with the bok choy to the top of the stockpot and steam the stalks for approximately six minutes. If you are steaming the leaves only, steam them for three minutes.

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