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How to Clear Grass Between Sidewalk Pavers

Grass always seems to grow between the pavers on your sidewalk, no matter what you do. Prevention is the easiest way to keep grass from growing there. This involves removing the grass and its roots, and then laying landscaping fabric, sand or crushed rock before laying the sidewalk pavers. If you have an existing walkway, however, you can spray the grass with an herbicide, but the grass will continue to grow back and the chemicals can even seep into your lawn, killing grass you want to keep. An alternative is to use a simple tool especially designed to remove grass between pavers. Another choice is to make your own eco-friendly weed killer.

Dig out the grass using the weed-removal tool between the pavers. Get all the grass and weed roots out of the ground.

Mix 4 oz. of lemon juice with 1 qt. of white vinegar. Fill a spray bottle with the solution and spray the grass between the pavers, applying the solution during the hottest part of the day. Repeat the treatment until grasses and weeds stop re-emerging between the pavers.

Boil 1 gallon of water and pour it directly between the pavers as an alternative grass-killing treatment. Or, mix the boiling water with the vinegar-and-lemon juice solution to create a stronger grass-killing solution. Repeat the treatment until grasses stop growing between the pavers.

Fill in the cracks between the pavers after successfully using the spray formulas. Use sand or crushed rock to fill in the gaps.


You’ll likely need to perform more than one treatment to kill the grasses emerging between the pavers.

Wait one or two weeks between applications to allow any remaining grass seeds to germinate and ensure that you kill all the grass.


Avoid getting the vinegar solution on your surrounding lawn or plants. The acid in the vinegar will kill the lawn grass and other plants if it comes into contact with the leaves.

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