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How to Stop a Battery From Being Drained on Lawn Mower While Not in Use

Riding lawn mowers use batteries for a variety of functions but primarily for starting. Other functions for the battery are any electronic controls on the mower and lighting. If proper actions are not taken during storage of your mower, the battery can become drained. Then the lawn mower will not start, and the battery will have to be recharged or replaced. Here's how to stop a battery from draining while not in use.

Turn off all lights and other electronic devices when the mower is not in use.

Replace the battery before the recommended replacement date as all batteries lose power over time. As the battery ages, it proves more difficult to regain or retain a charge.

Use the adjustable wrench to remove battery cables from the terminals if the lawn mower is going to be stored for a long time. Even with nothing turned on, the cables draw small amounts of power from the battery. If the cables are left connected during a long storage period, you may encounter a dead battery when trying to start the mower.

Lawn Mower Battery Drains After 1 Or 2 Uses

Leaving the key in the “on” position is an error that can drain a battery in a short time. Give the battery a slow charge at the beginning of the next mowing season. Corrosion is a white to tan, powdery crust that typically builds up around the battery terminals, or posts. The presence of corrosion alone does not prevent a battery from recharging, but can be the precursor of bigger problems. A crack in the housing near the post can be the source of gas leaks. Waiting long periods between uses may be enough to drain the battery sufficiently that it will not restart the mower. The throttle position determines the number of revolutions per minute the engine spins. Replace these parts to restore charging functionality to your mower.


Keep the battery warm if possible. Cold batteries drain power faster than warm ones.


Don't allow the positive and negative terminals of the battery to contact each other. This can cause a short or the battery could possibly explode.

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