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How to Neutralize Dog Urine on Grass

Dogs urinating on green grass often cause an unsightly problem called “lawn burn.” Lawn burn occurs when a dog urinates on grass and the nitrogen present in the dog’s urine burns the lawn and creates a brown area on the grass. Combat lawn burn and neutralize dog urine on grass by taking several remedial steps to save your grass. Healthy and robust lawns will withstand the effects of dog urine when you neutralize it to prevent damage.

Feed your dog a dog food that is not too high in protein. The dog’s body will not utilize excessive protein, and this protein will result in high nitrogenous urine. Provide your dog with more drinking water in an effort to dilute the dog’s urine.

Dilute the urine with water from the garden hose immediately after the dog urinates. Spray the water for approximately 30 seconds over the entire area.

Sprinkle a small amount of gypsum over the urine area to counteract the nitrogen in the urine. Cover the urine area with a light layer of gypsum and leave it on the area.

Neutralize Rabbit Urine On A Lawn

Spray water from a garden hose across each area where a rabbit may have urinated, saturating each area but not leaving standing water. Wait three to four hours for the ground to dry. Water each area a second time. Water your yard's mulched areas, sidewalks, driveway and other paved surfaces to dilute rabbit urine. If an odor remains in such an area, fill a spray bottle with one part water and one part white, distilled vinegar. Gypsum also neutralizes salts left by urine, and so the area can be reseeded successfully.


Keep the dog away from areas of your grass that you want to protect from lawn burn. When your dog is outside, try to stay aware of the dog's activities so you can quickly neutralize fresh urine with water and gypsum. Plant grass varieties that resist lawn burn. These varieties include fescue and ryegrass. Strive for an appropriate fertilizer balance on your lawn. If you under fertilize, you may have a weak lawn that cannot resist lawn burn. If you over fertilize, your lawn may already be at the maximum level of nitrogen and the nitrogen in dog urine will create lawn burn because of an overabundance of nitrogen.

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