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How to Germinate Lemon Seeds

Growing plants from lemon seeds is a simple process, but you must make sure that you properly germinate the seeds before your plant can grow. Germination is the process when the seedling emerges after being in a state of dormancy. After the seedling emerges you can continue growing the plant until you can start growing a full lemon tree outdoors. It can take up to 10 to 15 years until you can finally see your lemon tree bear fruit.

Wash your lemon seeds in cool running water. Make sure to remove any sugar coated onto the seed. Allow the seeds to dry on a paper towel.

Add potting soil to a medium-sized pot and leave at least one inch of space between the soil and the rim of the pot. Water the soil so that is slightly moist.

Add the lemon seeds to the top of the soil and make sure they are at least two inches apart. Add another 1/2 inch of soil to the pot to fully cover the seeds.

Spread a sheet of plastic wrap over the top of the pot and then use tape to keep the plastic attached to the pot. Move the pot to a warm room that is between 70 and 75 F degrees in temperature to begin the germination process.

Add water to the plant while it germinates only when the soil is completely dry. Add enough water to moisten the soil, but be sure not to flood the soil with water.

Wait three to five days or longer for the lemon seed to fully germinate. Once you see sprouting, remove the plastic and move the plant to a sunny location.

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