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How to Replace a Gas Line on a Craftsman Lawn Tractor

Many different items on a riding lawn mower will need replacement during the life of the mower. Change the oil twice every mowing season, the air filter every season and the spark plugs every season. Every manufacturer has their own recommendations as to when certain maintenance tasks should be done, and Craftsman is no exception. Few manufacturers have an exact recommendation of when to replace the fuel line. Craftsman suggests the fuel line be replaced when cracks become visible in the rubber.

Locate the fuel line connections on the mower. One connection will be on the underside of the fuel tank, and one on the engine.

Remove the fuel line connection on the bottom of the tank. This is done by squeezing the clamp on the fuel line and sliding away from the fuel tank. Then wiggle the fuel line, while pulling, until it comes off. Make sure the bucket is under the connection so the tank can drain into the bucket.

Remove the fuel line from the engine connection. This is done the same way as removing the fuel line from the fuel tank.

Lay the fuel line out on the ground. Some fuel lines will have an inline fuel filter. This can be replaced or reused, depending on the age of the filter.

Remove the fuel filter from the line, if equipped. This will result in two separate pieces of fuel line.

Cut new fuel line pieces to match the old pieces in length.

Remove the clamps from the old fuel line and place on the new fuel line. This is done by squeezing the clamps with pliers and sliding them off the old line and then onto the new line.

Install the fuel filter in the new line. Make sure the fuel filter is properly oriented. There is an arrow on the filter that tells the direction of flow for the fuel, this arrow must face the engine.

Install the new fuel line to the engine and tank connections. Place each end of the fuel line on the barbs by pressing them until they fully cover the barb, then squeeze the clamps with the pliers and slide them over the barb.

Fill the fuel tank and check for leaks.


A new fuel filter can be installed with the new fuel line.


Gasoline is a highly flammable material.

Do not carry lit or burning materials around gasoline.

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