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Vivid Yellow Flower Plants in Florida

The warm, sunny Florida climate provides the ideal growing conditions for many types of flowering plants. This state contains a range of climates suitable for growing both tropical and subtropical species of flowers. Among a vast array of color choices, vivid yellow blossoms produce some of the brightest spots of color in many areas of Florida’s yards, parks and landscapes.

Swamp Sunflower

This brightly colored wildflower graces Florida’s bogs and marshy areas. The swamp sunflower is a perennial plant. Growing as tall as 6 feet, this variety of sunflower requires very moist soil to grow and produce its yellow blossoms in the fall.


The Partridge Pea is an annual flower that prefers hot, arid climates. This plant grows to a height between 3 and 4 feet, producing its yellow blossoms from July through October. The Partridge Pea grows naturally in Florida’s sand hills, flat woods and secondary woods.


The Bulbine plant produces warm, orange and yellow blossoms in the spring and summer in sunny areas of Florida’s landscapes. A hardy specimen, the Bulbine prefers well-drained soils.


Lantana is a type of groundcover that produces yellow flowers, as well as pink and red. This groundcover thrives in sunny location in soils that allow adequate drainage.

Golden Shrimp Plant

This plant grows from propagated cuttings in shady areas of Florida’s landscapes. Bright, yellow blossoms grace this plant during the warm summer months.

Blanket Flower

The blanket flower is an excellent choice for hot, arid locations. This annual grows wild in many areas of Florida where sand is abundant. Yellow flowers, as well as red and rose ones, open from May to October.


These perennial plants produce yellow blossoms during March and April in many of Florida’s moist locations. Used for naturalizing, the columbine flower attracts area hummingbirds with its showy colors and sweet nectar.


This tree produces brilliant flowers in shades of yellow during a short period in springtime. This blossoming tree prefers full sun and requires little maintenance. Frost can damage or kill this semi-evergreen tree. Southern Florida provides the necessary warmth required by this specimen.

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