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How to Care for a Fruit Press

Many people who garden enjoy using a fruit press to make delicious juices, wines and cider. With a fruit press you can transform a basket of fruit into a tasty drink in minutes with very little effort. Fruit presses grind, shred and press the fruit to obtain the juice. Fruit presses can be purchased in various sizes and even shapes. They are easy to maintain and care for. Many fruit presses are now completely stainless steel which offer ease of cleaning and no rust worries.

Wash your new fruit press thoroughly before assembling to remove any residue from packaging and shipping. Run the fruit press parts through the dishwasher or wash by hand using dish soap and warm water. Fruit presses are made to be assembled and dissembled quickly for ease of cleaning.

Lubricate all hinges and moving parts using a food grade lubricant or simple common petroleum jelly prior to assembling for the first time. Lubrication needs to be done after ever wash to keep the fruit press in top working condition and prevent any rust.

Clean the fruit press every time you use it by removing the ratchet mechanism from the screw. Clean in the dishwasher or by hand with warm soapy water. Clean the cages of the fruit press in warm soapy water or simply run through the dishwasher. All screws, base and discs can be washed in the dishwasher or by hand with no worry of damage to the parts.

Take a long bristle brush to thoroughly clean between the boards of the cage. Be sure to use warm soapy water to remove any bacteria. Follow with plain water to remove the soap by working the brush across the surfaces and between the boards for optimum cleaning efficiency.

Reassemble the fruit press. Lubricate all working parts as you reassemble. Store the fruit press in a cool and dry place after each use.


It is very important to promptly clean your fruit press after every use. Hardened fruit can be quite difficult to remove and is unsanitary. It can easily breed fungus and bacteria that will make your family sick.

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