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Parts for a Compact Compost Tumbler

By Janet Mulroney Clark ; Updated September 21, 2017

Composting is a wonderful way to use waste material, create a rich additive for your garden and lawn, and save money by not having to go out and buy peat or other soil enrichers. While you don't necessarily need to purchase a product for storing your compost, you might find it makes the process simpler. Compact compost tumblers are a popular product because, as the name suggests, they contain the waste materials in a fairly small space and provide an easy way to mix the compost as it ripens. Each part of the compost tumbler serves a specific function.


The stand keeps the compost bin off the ground, making it harder for rodents and other animals to gain access to the materials inside the drum. The size of the stand varies from model to model.


The drum is the main section. It contains the organic material to be composted. Drums come in different sizes; with the larger drums, the compost tends to dry more quickly so less frequent turning is required. More elaborate models have an inner drum, which collects the finer material.


Compact compost tumblers have a handle for turning the compost. This feature makes it easier on the gardener: no more standing over the compost pile with a shovel, turning your waste material by hand.

Special Features

While the drum, handle and stand are the standard features, some models have special features that make composting easier and quicker. Sifter screens allow the gardener to separate finer materials and use that compost as potting soil. Vinyl covers can be purchased to protect the tumbler from the elements.


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