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The Most Fragrant Roses in Zone 9

Zone 9 is one of the smallest planting zones. It includes central Florida, the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Texas, a good deal of California and southern Oregon, areas where the winter temperature generally does not go below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Roses grow well in zone 9, but not all roses have a good fragrance; and those that do, do not all have the same kind of fragrance.

Double Delight

Double Delight is a hybrid tea rose that is so named because each flower has two colors and a spicy, fruity fragrance. It is a good choice for a cut flower arrangement. The flower will start out with a creamy white color with just a touch of red on the outermost petals. As they age, the red becomes more prominent.

Weather has an effect also. The hotter the temperature, the more red will appear. The weather variations mean that no two roses will be exactly the same. The rose is large and usually grows as a single flower, but can grow in groups of two or three.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is another hybrid tea rose that produces large, 5-inch flowers that have a least 50 petals each. The flower has a long stem, making it a good cut flower. The Memorial Day rose has a classic rose fragrance that is so strong, one single bloom can fill a room. It loves heat and is very resistant to diseases. The color is a clear pink with a light wash of lavender.

Honey Perfume

Honey perfume is a floribunda rose, which grows 4-inch-wide apricot/yellow flowers with 25 to 30 petals each. As the flower ages, it will turn a creamy white color. The fragrance is rich and spicy and the plant is very disease resistant. It is a repeat bloomer, producing flowers all season long. The bush is very compact, growing only 3 feet high and 2 feet wide, making it a good choice for small spaces and container gardens.

Mr. Lincoln

Mr. Lincoln is a deep red hybrid tea rose with a heavy rose scent. They make a good cut flower and a small vase full will scent a room. The canes of the Mr. Lincoln are darker than usual and make an excellent contrast with the deep color of the flowers. It will also bloom well into the fall.

Scentimental Rose

Scentimental is a red and white striped floribunda rose. The flowers grow in large clusters and have a spicy fragrance. One or two bunches of Scentimental will be enough to scent a room. This rose will bloom all summer long and is very drought, heat and humidity resistant.

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