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Top Rated Commercial Walk-Behind Mowers

By Misty Amber Brighton ; Updated September 21, 2017

Whether you are operating your own lawn maintenance service or have a large area of your own to maintain, a commercial walk-behind mower is an excellent choice. They are designed to be easy to handle and to care for a wide array of terrains. These mowers can be somewhat pricey, but worth the investment if you plan to cut a lot of ground.

Turf Tracer HP

The Turf Tracer HP is manufactured in America by Exmark. It features a 15 to 19 horsepower Kawasaki engine. An electric start is standard on the 19 horsepower engines. The cutting decks on the Turf Tracer range from 36 inches to 52 inches wide. The Exmark Turf Tracer can reach speeds of up to 6.2 miles per hour going forward and 2.2 miles per hour in reverse.

The enhanced control system of the Turf Tracer consists of a "u" shaped steering column with cushioned pistol grips. The shape of this steering mechanism allows the machine to be picked up to easily go over curbs and obstacles. It also reduces stress on the joints by taking advantage of the natural positioning of the hands and arms when operating. The inward facing controls also provide a safety buffer for the operator's hands, which reduces the possibility of injury.


Toro 30682

The Toro 30682 model walk-behind mower comes with your choice of a 32, 36, or 40 inch cutting deck. This model of walk-behind mower also comes with the operator's choice of pistol grip controls or the Toro T-bar system. The T-bar system is ergonomic in design and reduces force needed to activate. It also reduces operator fatigue, so you will be able to cut longer. The T-bar curb-hopper design makes going over curbs and going in reverse easy. An extended life drive system sports a Peerless 700 transmission.

The Toro-exclusive Turbo Force deck is designed to adjust as terrain features change, which increases productivity in areas where the ground is rugged or grass extremely thick. An under-the-deck skid plate which is also unique to Toro mowers works to reduce scalping (cutting off the tops of tree roots) when mowing over terrain that is uneven.


John Deere WL85B

The John Deere WL85B walk-behind mower is equipped with a 15 horsepower Kawasaki V-twin commercial engine. It also has a 5-speed Peerless transmission. It can mow 5.4 miles per hour forward, and 2.7 miles per hour in reverse.

The WL85B has a 48-inch cutting deck that is constructed of 7-gauge fabricated steel. The cutting height can be adjusted from 1 1/2 inches to 4 1/2 inches in 1/4 inch increments to accommodate a number of terrain variables. A reverse assist function allows quick reverse to be engaged rapidly, which increases overall production. The John Deere WL85B comes with a two-year warranty against manufacturer's defects.



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