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How to Sharpen a Manual Push Mower

Manual push mowers may seem low maintenance. They certainly require less care than their gasoline-powered cousins. However, sharpening your manual push mower is a key aspect of its maintenance. Dull blades leave jabbed edges on grass blades. Not only does this cause their tips to brown, but it leaves them more susceptible to disease. The fastest and safest way to sharpen a manual push mower's blades is with a sharpening kit. They can be purchased online or from your local garden center.

Set the mower on a table so its easier to work on. Push the handle of the mower down so that the mower is resting on the handle and the roller.

Pop off the cover in the center in the center of the wheel. You may be able to pop it off with your fingers or you may have to insert a flat head screw driver to pop it off.

Remove the C-ring located just below the cover you just removed. Slide the flat head screw driver underneath it and simply slide it off.

Pull the wheel off with your hand. It should come off easily.

Remove the gear that you just revealed. You can simply slide it off with your hand.

Look in the sharpening kit to find the crank. Slide it over the protrusion that the gear was attached to.

Look in the sharpening kit and find the container of sharpening compound and the brush. Open the container and dip the brush in the sharpening compound. Paint the blades with the sharpening compound. Be sure to apply an even coat.

Use the lever on the handle to lower the cutter bar so that it just touches the blades of the mower all the way across.

Use the crank to turn the blades backward (in the opposite direction that they turn when you are mowing). Turn the blades until you see the smooth metal edge of each blade.

Put the mower back together. Remove the crank and replace the gear. Then put the wheel back on and slide the C-ring back in place. Then pop on the cover and return the cutting bar to its original position.

Wipe the sharpening compound off the blades with a rag, soap and water. Then spray them with a light coating of WD-40.

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