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How to Turn on the Front Headlights of a Husqvarna Lawn Mower

The Husqvarna riding mower's 20-watt front headlights illuminate the mower's path. Thanks to these lights, you can mow earlier in the day or later in the evening--but not if you do not know how to turn them on. Turn on the front headlights of the Husqvarna lawn mower only when the engine is running; otherwise you may drain the battery. Also, be aware that for your safety you should always read and follow the owner's manual for your mower.

Sit in the seat and flip the ignition switch on your right to the "On" position to start the mower.

Find the headlight switch. When you are in the mower's seat, look down and to your right. The switch is next to the battery's charge light.

Turn the headlights on by pushing the headlight switch with your fingers.

Turn the headlights off after you have finished mowing. To do this, push the headlight button again while the mower is running.

Sell A Used Lawn Mower

Almost every weekend you will see your neighbor outside mowing their lawn. Lawn mowers are used to keep your front lawn well-manicured. There are many different ways to increase your chances of selling your lawn mower. Prior to listing your lawn mower for sale, thoroughly clean and make sure the lawn mower is operable. Take several pictures of your lawn mower from different angles in very good light. If your lawn mower is a known name brand, take a picture of that as well.

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