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How to Space Dogwood Trees

By Jenny Harrington ; Updated September 21, 2017

Flowering dogwood is a smaller tree, suitable in suburban and urban areas where nearby structures and overhead power lines limit the amount of large trees you can plant. Dogwoods grow on the edges of forests and groves naturally, so some shading from other trees and from buildings is beneficial to the dogwood. Space the trees properly from each other and other structures so they have room to thrive while still receiving the cultural requirements they need to grow well.

Prepare a well drained planting area that is rich in organic matter. Choose an area that is partly shaded, particularly from the hot afternoon sun.

Dig the planting hole as deep as the nursery pot or root ball and two times as wide. Remove the pot from the roots and set the dogwood in the hole so it is planted to the same depth as it was in its pot. Break up the clumps in the soil before backfilling it into the hole.

Plant dogwood trees 6 feet away from houses or other structures or walkways. Space it 20 feet from dogwood and other neighboring trees to cut down soil, moisture and nutrition competition.

Plant dogwoods under tall trees as opposed to other mid-size trees. Avoid planting under low power lines or other aerial structures that are lower than 25 feet from the ground. Dogwoods usually grow to 20 to 25 feet in height.


Things You Will Need

  • Shovel


  • Mulch around the dogwood tree with a 3-inch layer of compost or bark, to add organic matter to the soil.


  • Young dogwoods may need to be staked when first planted, to hold them upright and ensure straight growth.

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