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How to Donate Homegrown Fruits & Veggies

Donating your extra homegrown fruits and vegetables is a positive way to affect your community. In fact, many gardeners plant an extra row to do just that. Other than donating your extra fresh foods to people you know, one of the best ways to give to others is to donate to your local food bank. Before you just drop off your fruits and veggies, find out the times during which they accept donations and where to go.

Look for a local food bank to donate your homegrown fruits and veggies to. Visit websites like or and enter in your zip code, state and/or search radius. A list of food banks near your home will result.

Click on the name of the food bank near you if it is a clickable link. It may tell you the information you need right there, such as what times you can donate and where to donate. It may also direct you to the food bank’s website. From there, click on "donate" or a tab that states something like “plant a row for the hungry.”

Call the food bank. If you don’t get the necessary information from the website, call the food bank. They will tell you when to donate and where to go.


If you don't see a food bank near you, e-mail Ample Harvest at with your zip code, city and state, and they will help you find a place to donate your fruits and vegetables.

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