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Types of Saws for Tree Cutting

When you are looking to cut down a tree of yours or trim thick branches on the tree you must make sure that you use a proper saw. For trees less the 6 inches in diameter, there are several handsaws available for cutting at specific angles, and there are also many power tools that will help do the work for you. For larger type trees you may need to consider using a chainsaw or another type of gas powered saw. Chainsaws are often sold at specialized dealership and can require specific training in order to properly use it.


Chainsaw are the most popular type of saw for cutting trees that are thicker than 6 inches in diameter. Often gas-powered, these saws include interchangeable sharp-toothed blades and it’s highly recommended that one is trained on using a powerful chainsaw for cutting down a tree with it.


This is a motorized power tool that allows you to attach and detach different types of blades for working with wood or cutting into small trees. When purchasing a jigsaw it will often come with a variety of blades and it’s important to use the blade that is designed for cutting thicker pieces of wood when you cut your tree.

Reciprocating Saw

These motorized saws are similar to action created by a jigsaw, but use more force in moving the blade in a quick back and forth motion. Also, with these saws you must make sure to use the correct blade for cutting a tree when you use it.


The frame of the saw is often C-shaped and has a coarse toothed blade that is removable. This saw is best for cutting logs, but is sometimes used for cutting down smaller trees or branches. Typically the most affordable, these saws can be found sporting and camping stores in varieties than include folding types and ones that attach to backpacks for easy access.

Bow Saw

This saw is most commonly used for trees that are no wider than 6 inches in diameter. The saw is often used for cutting small logs and for use in woodworking. The tool has a narrowed toothed blade and is attached to a large handle that is as long as the blade. Use the tool by grabbing the handle with two hands.

Crosscut Saw

This handsaw is a common and affordable saw that can be used for making crosscuts in woodworking or for a small branch or tree. Making a crosscut is when you make a horizontal cut to the trunk of a tree.

Coping Saw

This is small handsaw that can be used for very small trees or branches. The saw is composed of a handle that is attached to a coarse blade and a metal frame that curves behind the blade.

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