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How to Pin a Boutonniere to a Shirt

Although a boutonniere is small and unassuming, if you do not attach it properly to a lapel, it will flop and become unpleasant to wear. With one or two stickpins, you can securely pin a boutonniere to a shirt and it will stay where you pin it until you are ready to remove it. Choose the most beautiful rosebud from your garden to make a boutonniere. Once you see how simple it can be to pin a boutonniere, your boutonnieres will always stay put and look smart.

Place the boutonniere where you want it on the shirt and align the pin near the stem of the boutonniere with the point of the pin facing up.

Insert the point of the pin in and then out of the shirt (taking up approximately 1 inch of shirt material).

Poke the stickpin back into the flower of the boutonniere. Allow the point of the pin to stay within the flower.

Use a second pin in the same fashion if the boutonniere does not seem secure with only one pin.


Do not try to use a bent pin. If a pin bends as you are pinning the boutonniere, discard it and use a different pin.

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