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Trees That Bloom Pink

Nothing brightens the yard in early spring like trees that set a bloom with clouds of rich color. Although white and red have their place, romantic pink speaks to the heart on a sunny spring day. To light up your landscape and capture the magic of fragrant blooms that scent the air, consider the selection of trees that promise light, airy pinks in shades from delicate pastels to deep rich hues that resemble cotton candy.

Knockout Rose Tree

For color that lasts all summer, the pink double knockout rose tree is an excellent choice. This tiny tree reaches a height of 3 to 4 feet and spreads to a width of 3 feet. It prefers full sun but thrives well in partial shade and is tolerant of drought. This self-cleaning variety needs no deadheading and thrives in zones 4-9.


Crabapple trees create a mass of bright color in early spring before many other flowers are in bloom, filling the air with light sweet fragrance. Try Profusion for a rounded canopy that grows to heights of 15 to 20 feet. It prefers full sunlight and thrives in zones 4-8. Browse catalogs or nurseries for a selection of flowering crabapples that produce blooms in shades of pink and rose.

Flowering Dogwood

Flowering dogwood produces pink and red blooms in early spring and reaches heights of 25 feet. It grows in either full sun or partial shade and is hardy from zones 4-9. Some cultivars are suitable for growing under larger trees or in shaded areas.


Cherry trees burst into bloom in early spring with a profusion of highly scented blooms. Try Kwanzan Cherry in zones 5-9 for an explosion of color in large three to five flower clusters. It reaches heights of 30-40 feet and spreads equally as wide at the canopy. This one offers the added benefit of golden foliage in the fall, as well. Look for varieties suitable for your growing zone in the shade of pink you prefer.

Crape Myrtle

Crape myrtle produces prolific blooms in early spring that range from pale pink to deep magenta. Cultivars are available in dwarf, medium and large trees and are generally suitable for zones 7 and above. Select the variety that best fits your landscape needs and in the color you prefer.

Flowering Almond

Consider flowering almond for a flush of pink in midspring. Cultivars range from 3- 12 feet in height and are hardy in zones 3B to 6. Flowers cluster along the branches creating intense color. Tolerant of either full sun or partial shade, flowering almond is worth considering for adding color to your springtime yard.

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