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Apple Trees That Do Not Require Pollinators

Apple trees produce more fruit if there is a different type of apple tree planted nearby so they can cross-pollinate with the help of bees. Some apple trees cannot produce any fruit without a pollinator. However, some varieties can produce some apples without a pollinator and are considered self-fruitful or self-fertile.


The Anna apple variety is considered a good apple for the Southern region of the U.S. because it has a low chilling requirement. It produces a good crop and a crisp fruit with a red blush. Although considered self-fertile, for best production and heaviest fruit set, Anna should be planted within 50 feet of a Dorsett Golden. The Anna apple tree variety produces apples in late spring and early summer.

Dorsett Golden

The Dorsett Golden is a yellow variety of apple that has a low chilling requirement and is suitable for the Southern parts of the U.S. It is considered self-fertile and will produce fruit if planted alone. However, for best production, plant the Dorsett Golden apple tree with another apple variety for good cross-pollination. The variety listed as Anna is a good pollinator for the Dorsett Golden apple tree. The Dorsett Golden apple tree produces apples in late spring and early summer.

Granny Smith

The Granny Smith apple variety is the crisp green apple commonly seen in grocery stores. It produces a good crop without a pollinator in late summer and early fall. However, for a heavy crop, a pollinator is needed for the Granny Smith apple variety. Golden Delicious and Pink Lady are good pollinators for the Granny Smith apple tree variety.


The Braeburn apple tree produces a good crop of crisp red fruit in late summer to early fall. It grows well in warmer parts of the U.S. and is considered a self-fertile variety. The Braeburn apple variety is one of the apple types commonly seen on supermarket shelves.

Golden Delicious

The Golden Delicious apple tree produces a crisp and juicy apple and is considered self-fertile. The fruit of the Golden Delicious apple tree is yellow with a slight pink blush. It is considered one of the best self-pollinating varieties. The Golden Delicious is also an excellent pollinator for other apple tree varieties that have overlapping bloom periods. It is capable of producing an excellent crop of apples without a pollinator. It needs cooler weather to produce properly, and should only be planted in USDA horticultural zones 4 to 7.

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