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How to Make a Wire Trellis

By Kathryn Hatter ; Updated September 21, 2017

A trellis provides support and structure to climbing plants. Gardeners often use trellises to support vegetables and vining plants. Making a wire trellis can be a fast project that will provide a sturdy support for your climbing plants. Once you finish the wire trellis, it will be ready to hold heavy plants as they grow up off the ground.

Drive the fence posts into the soil approximately 2 feet apart along the area where you want to install the wire trellis. Use as many fence posts as you need to create a trellis of your desired size. Use the post driver to pound the fence posts approximately 1 foot into the soil. This creates the basic structure of the wire trellis.

Insert the end of the wire into the top hole of the fence post on the left end. Push the wire through approximately 4 inches and then twist the wire back onto itself and twist it tightly with the pliers to secure it.

Thread the wire through all of the top holes in each of the fence posts. When you get to the fence post on the right end, clip the wire off so a 4-inch tail remains. Pull the wire as taut as you can and then twist the wire back onto itself. Use the pliers to twist the wire tightly around itself to secure it.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 approximately 8 inches below the first length of horizontal wire to make a second row of horizontal wire. Make additional horizontal rows of wire 8 inches apart using the same technique until horizontal wires stretch across the fence posts from the top of the posts to the soil level.

Make vertical rows of wire halfway between each fence post if you desire (although they are not mandatory). Wrap the wire around the top horizontal wire so there is a 4-inch-long tail. Use the pliers to twist the tail around the wire. Pull the wire down toward the next horizontal wire and wrap the wire once around the next horizontal wire. Continue the wire down toward each next horizontal wire, wrapping the wire once around the horizontal wire until you reach the lowest horizontal wire. Cut the wire off to leave a 4-inch tail and wrap this tail back up around the wire, using the pliers to twist it tightly.

Repeat Step 5 to make more vertical rows of wire for your wire trellis.


Things You Will Need

  • 7-foot high metal fence posts
  • Post driver
  • 10-gauge wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers

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