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How to Overwinter Ivy Geraniums

This hardy plant is one of the most likely of all the geraniums to overwinter successfully, blooming again in the springtime. Ivy geraniums make wonderful plants for hanging baskets and window boxes because of how they cascade over the edges trailing anywhere from 2-4 feet and showcasing lovely, small flowers in shades of pink. lavender and scarlet.

Bring in your ivy geranium before the first frost which is the key to successfully overwintering your plant. Choose a location that is cool and dimly lit to store the plant during the winter such as a cool garage, shed or basement. Cut the plant back to about 6 inches and remove any dead leaves or flowers.

Hang your ivy geranium in a cool garage, shed or basement in the hanging basket it was growing in or carry the plant inside if it was in a non-hanging container that can easily be brought indoors. You may need to re-pot your plant it was growing in a container that is not movable such as a window box. To re-pot your plant, carefully dig around the roots of the plant, gently lifting the plant out of the container so as not to disturb the roots, and place in another container for storing inside. Use an all purpose potting soil that is well draining.

Water only one time a month during the winter just so the soil is slightly damp. Ivy geraniums prefer to stay relatively dry compared to other plants. Be sure the container it is stored in has drainage holes in the bottom so when watered the soil is not water logged.

Towards the end of winter, in February or beginning of March, begin introducing your plant to a sunny location to get it acclimated for going back outside in the spring. Give it indirect sunlight or place under fluorescent lighting for at least four to six hours daily.

Feed your plant one time monthly with an all purpose liquid fertilizer beginning in February before introducing your plant back outside in the spring. Apply the fertilizer when watering once a month.

Re-pot your geranium if necessary before placing back outside. Use an all purpose potting soil to fill your containers. If you brought in a hanging basket inside or outside container, simply put them outside again once the chance of frost has passed.


Do not leave your ivy geranium outside during the first frost or it will kill it. Do not over water during the winter or the roots will rot.

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