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Names of Knock Out Roses

By Sharon Sweeny ; Updated September 21, 2017

Knock Out roses are disease resistant and require little or no maintenance. For this reason they are planted in low-maintenance landscapes under a variety of growing conditions. The original Knock Out rose was introduced by the Conrad-Pyle Company in 2000 and won the All-American Rose Selection Award. A single-petaled landscape shrub-type rose, it has since become one of the best-selling roses in the U.S., selling more than 5 million of the plants in 2007. They are compact and bushy in habit and grow about 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Since first launched, new varieties have been introduced in other colors that have double flowers and the latest with a sweet rose fragrance.

Original Knock Out Rose

This grandaddy of all Knock Out roses has flowers that are colored a rich cherry/hot pink. They bloom off and on all summer long until killed by frost. The faded flowers easily drop off the bushes, which makes them low maintenance and keeps them looking their best in the landscape. They are also tolerant of drought and resistant to the common black spot disease.

Double Knock Out Rose

The double produces fully double flowers that look just like roses from the florist. Developed from the same parentage as the original Knock Out rose, it blooms for the identical cycle and is also resistant to black spot. It is slightly more winter hardy than the original.

Pink Knock Out Rose

This variety has single blooms in bright pink. It is also drought tolerant, black spot resistant and easily drops its faded blossoms. The pink Knock Out rose is an excellent addition to the perennial border.

Double Pink Knock Out Rose

A fully double rose, it blooms in a bright bubble-gum pink from early spring until the buds are killed by frost. Double Pink is resistant to drought and black spot and will keep blooming, unaffected by the heat of summer.

Rainbow Knock Out Rose

A lovely coral color with yellow centers, this single petaled member of the family is more compact than the others. It maintains the long bloom season of the other family members. Its leaves unfold in a deep burgundy color and turn dark green as they age.

Blushing Knock Out Rose

Blushing Knock Out rose has single, light pink flowers that fade to an even lighter pink as they age. It retains the bloom habit, drought tolerance and black spot resistance of the other varieties.

Sunny Knock Out Rose

The latest release of Knock Out roses, this variety is the only one with the sweet rose fragrance. It produces bright yellow flowers which fade to pastel cream with semi-glossy foliage. The flower color fades less during cool weather.


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