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Lawn & Landscaping Ideas for a Rambler Home

By Callie Barber ; Updated September 21, 2017

A popular home design, the rambler house is a long rectangular-shaped design with only one floor This ranch style home takes up more yard space than a normal two story house and looks lovely with colorful bushes and plants scattered throughout the landscape. Create a focal point around the rambler home using stunning trees like apricots. Line the driveway with Bradford pears to create a magical and inviting path leading to and from the home.

Coloful Bushes

A rambler's long rectangular-shaped design looks lovely filled with colorful bushes accenting the house and landscape. On either edge of the rambler, plant colorful bushes to add height and help fill out the long space. Use butterfly bushes with their draping blooms to define the edges and add a fragrant scent to the landscape. Keep the windows clear to allow light into the space by planting low-growing hydrangea bushes. Plant these along the base of the home to introduce texture and vibrancy.

Plant Border

As the driveway leads up to the rambler home, use the space on either side to create a gorgeous garden border. Flank the driveway with colorful flowers and plants for an inviting design as you reach the home. To create the border, clear out a strip of space on either side of the driveway and at the edge of the lawn. Use the space to plant low-growing perennial plants like verbena and lantana. Add blue star creeper, another low growing ground cover, for a bright burst of blue along the landscape. Around the flowers, lay a two to three inch layer of mulch to add contrast with the plants and retain moisture. Sprinkle the mulch up to the lawn line for a defined and elegant border.

Courtyard Retreat

Create an inviting courtyard to the rambler home for an elegant focal point to the space. Add a billowing Japanese maple for height inside the courtyard. Lay soft pebbles around the space to define the area and create a soft and elegant design. Over the pebbles, lay slate stones to create your own stone path. Add color throughout the courtyard using perennial bulbs. Space them around the rambler courtyard for texture and bursts of color. Throughout the seasons, watch as the bulbs emerge to bring to the space a fresh new design. Don't forget to add a tricking fountain for a serene and gorgeous landscape.


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