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How to Propagate Heuchera

The Heuchera plant, also called Coral Bells, is an easy-to-care-for perennial that produces delicate, tall stems of bell-shaped flowers starting in early spring through late summer. The plant is native to North America and Mexico and is hardy is USDA growing zones 4 through 9. The plant prefers to grow in locations with morning sunlight and a well-draining soil. Propagate the Heuchera plant through root division or stem and leaf cuttings. The Heuchera plant can be divided every three to four years by removing young roots growing off the main crown.


Dig the heuchera plant out of the ground, making sure to remove 6 to 8 inches of soil around the plant to remove all root growth. Place the plant in a shaded location while making the division.

Gently pull apart the root sections growing off the main crown. Some sections will be larger than others. The root sections should easily pull apart without having to be cut. Discard the center woody crown.

Plant the divided root sections in a new location that has a well draining soil and full morning sun conditions. Work 2 to 3 inches of compost into the soil to increase the water-draining capability and nutrient content of the soil.

Water the divisions well after planting and for the following two weeks. Continue to water the plants during the growing season when the rainfall levels are less than one inch per week as the plants do not perform well in dry conditions.


Cut a 4-inch section of stem that is 1/4 inch in diameter. Remove half of the leaves from the stem cutting and dip the bottom of the stem in rooting hormone. You can also remove a leaf from the main plant that has a small stem on it. Lightly dip the leaf into rooting medium. Gently shake off excess hormone.

Fill a rooting tray with a potting medium that is equal parts peat moss and perlite. Moisten the medium with water so it is damp to the touch.

Stick the cut end of the stem in the rooting medium. Gently cut down the center vein and through the stem of the leaf. Lay the leaf on top of the soil and gently tuck the cut end into the medium.

Gently mist the rooting medium and cuttings and place a clear plastic cover over the tray. Mist the cuttings twice a day to keep a high moisture level around the plants. Do not let the tray or plants have standing water, as this will cause the cuttings to rot.

Place the rooting tray in a warm location with indirect light. Monitor the cuttings regularly for root growth. Remove the plastic covering once the roots become established.

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