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How to Spray Oil in a Garden Sprayer

Using a pressurized or pump-up garden sprayer is relatively basic. Garden sprayers are quite indispensible when it comes to applying fertilizers or insecticidal products. They make applying the product easier with hardly any mess. If the application of garden oil is required, follow the same instructions you normally would. The only difference is cleaning the sprayer, as you'll remove the oil residue from inside before using it again.

Unscrew the top of the garden sprayer and remove it, sitting it off to the side until you have the sprayer filled with your product.

Add to the sprayer the correct amount of garden oil, per the instructions on the container. Take into account the garden sprayer’s size and the area’s size, so you can fill the sprayer with the correct amount of liquid. Fill the remainder of the garden sprayer with the specified amount of water.

Screw the lid to the garden sprayer back in place. Pump the sprayer’s handle until you can no longer push down on it without increased pressure. Lock the handle back in place.

Test the garden sprayer’s spray pattern on the sidewalk or other non-vegetative area before spraying your plants. Adjust the end of the sprayer’s nozzle as needed, so the desired amount of fluid releases from the end.

Spray the desired area with the garden oil. Remove any remaining solution from the garden sprayer and store it in another container; otherwise, the sprayer can clog.

Wash the garden sprayer out with a solution of ammonia and water, or a grease-cutting liquid detergent. Fill the sprayer up with the cleaning solution, pump it up and spray out the solution on the driveway, or other area where it will do no harm. Rinse the sprayer out with clean water and store it away until you are ready to use it again.


Release the pressure on the garden sprayer before storing it away.

Always clean the garden sprayer after using it.


Do not store a garden sprayer long term with an insecticide, garden oil, or fertilizer in it. The solution can clog the sprayer and make it inoperable.

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