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Retirement Gift Ideas for Gardeners

By Shelley Frost ; Updated September 21, 2017

Gardening-themed gifts make ideal presents for a retiree with a green thumb. Whether the recipient worked in the gardening industry or simply enjoys the hobby, choosing a gardening gift encompasses her passion. Retirement gifts honor the recipient, providing a thank you and congratulations message on the major life change. Consider the specific gardening style and taste preferences of the recipient when selecting the retirement gift.

Gardener's Gift Basket

A gift basket allows you to collect a variety of gardening tools for the retiree. A wicker basket, decorative bucket, large ceramic pot or tote bag for garden supplies works well as the container for the gift basket. Fill it with a variety of garden tools, seeds, gloves, bulbs, garden signs and similar items to round out the gift. If the garden gift basket is a group gift, ask each person to bring an item to add. This lets everyone feel involved in the gift selection without requiring a hefty investment.

Garden Bench

A small garden bench adds a decorative touch to the retiree's garden. A plaque or inscription added to the bench makes the gift more personal. The bench provides a spot for the gardener to enjoy his plants and natural surroundings. The bench also reminds him of the gift giver each time he sees it.

Gardening Club Membership

If your community has a gardening club, you can purchase a membership as a gardening retirement gift. The club gives the recipient an activity to fill up some of her free time now that she is retired. There are also national garden clubs such as the National Home Gardening Club and the Garden Club of America.

Garden Store Gift Certificate

More experienced gardeners often own all of the basic gardening tools and gadgets. A gift certificate to a local nursery or garden supply store allows the retired recipient to select his own gardening gift. This is particularly useful in situations where you aren't sure what the recipient would need or want for his gardening hobby. As a group gift, everyone can pool their money to purchase one larger gift certificate.

Personalized Garden Sign

Garden signs make a nice accessory. This is another option if you aren't sure exactly which gardening supplies the recipient needs. The style of the retiree's garden and home influence the garden sign selection. Choose something that matches the overall feeling of the home. Adding personalization to the sign makes it more sentimental. Many gift stores, including online retailers, sell garden signs that allow for inexpensive personalization.

Magazine Subscription

There are a number of gardening magazines available on the market. "Birds & Blooms," "Organic Gardening," "Fine Gardening" and "Country Gardens" are a few of the more popular options. A gift subscription to one of these magazines is an inexpensive retirement gift idea for gardeners. If the recipient already has a subscription, you can pay for a year's renewal. Choose a magazine that fits the recipient's style of gardening.


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