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How to Plant Strawberries in a Planter

By Jenny Harrington ; Updated September 21, 2017

Home gardeners do not need a large planting bed to grow strawberries. Plant these small fruits in containers or baskets on patios or decks if you don't have room in your regular beds. While container-grown plants require additional maintenance to ensure healthy plants and maximum fruit production, they also are simpler to tend to in the confined growing environment. Planting the right variety of strawberries and providing proper care ensures you have a healthy crop of sweet berries.

Add quality potting mix to a 12-inch diameter or larger planter. Fill the pot two-thirds full of mix. Water the mix until it begins to drain from the bottom holes, ensuring it is evenly moist throughout.

Create a 5-inch mound of soil at each planting place in the container. Space the mounds 6 inches apart.

Set a strawberry plant on top of each mound. Arrange the roots so they go down the mound on all sides and so the crown of the plant, where the leaves emerge from the roots, sits at the top of the mound.

Fill the container with additional potting mix until the soil level is even with the top of the mounds. Avoid burying the crowns of the strawberry plants.

Water the plants immediately after planting. Water just until the excess moisture begins to drip from the bottom drainage holes in the container.

Place the container in a spot that receives eight hours of full sun. Water when the top 1 inch of soil begins to feel dry.

Remove runners from plants as they form. Runners are small vines that grow out from the main plant and try to take root. Alternately, place the end of the runner into a neighboring empty planter and cut it from the main pot once it roots in order to produce more plants.


Things You Will Need

  • Planter
  • Potting mix
  • Strawberry transplants


  • Fertilize plants monthly with a fertilizer formulated for container plants. Follow label instructions for application amounts.
  • Harvest berries once they are deep red. Everbearing strawberry varieties are most suitable for containers.


  • Containers dry out more quickly than garden beds. Check moisture levels daily and water as needed.

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