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Types of Wood Garden Boxes

By S.F. Heron ; Updated September 21, 2017

Container gardens bring greenery and flowers into the outdoor living space as decorative accents. These outdoor design elements accent patios, decks or gazebos and can be used to add a polished look to the outdoor landscape. Wood garden boxes offer the gardener the option of planting either ornamental flowers or vegetables in small spaces. Whether you choose to make your own or purchase a wood garden box, this long-lasting outdoor planter will blend nicely and add interest to your landscape.


Wood garden boxes serve as the base for a container garden. For this reason, purchase treated lumber if you plan to construct a wood garden box. If you purchase a wood garden box, make sure it is made of materials that will last for a long time. Premade wood boxes incorporate the use of materials to limit the chance of wood rot. Cedar and redwood offer a long life and attractive wood coloration that will accent any outdoor living area. Line the inside of the planter with plastic sheeting and punch holes for drainage. Treat regular lumber garden boxes with waterproofing to limit the incidence of rot and damage to the wood garden box.

Basic Planters

Wooden garden boxes tend to be square or rectangular in shape given the straight nature of the material used to create the box. Most garden boxes offer a freestanding base for planting flowers with footers attached to protect your deck or patio. Square or rectangular boxes can help define patio edges or fill up the blank space along an extensive length of decking. This type of garden box should be checked for drainage holes before planting to prevent water pooling into a tightly sealed box.

Unique Garden Boxes

Wood allows designers to create unique planters for use as decorative accents in the home landscape. Some garden boxes tailor the design to meet the needs of the plants. Vines or climbers work beautifully in rectangular wood garden boxes featuring an attached trellis along the rear of the box. This functional box design allows the perfect frame to showcase dramatic foliage in the outdoor living area. Planter designs also include two square boxes attached by a functional bench. Bench planter designs add practical living accents to the patio as well as the perfect place to contemplate a beautiful backyard garden display.

Railing and Fence Boxes

Popular landscaping trends involve the use of flower boxes throughout the landscape. These container gardens can line steps or porches or mark the edges of a patio. In addition, the top of a deck railing or fence presents the perfect place to add a wood garden box. Manufacturers make notched boxes that fit snugly over the flat top of a deck railing. Designs also include brackets attached to the back of wood garden boxes to hook over fence sections. Both offer the design option of adding height to the garden by bringing flowers and plants to eye level in the outdoor landscape.