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List of Pink Flower Bulbs

Pink is a color that, depending on its shade, can have many connotations. As adults, we may think of love and romance when we see the color pink. The color pink in the flower garden invites one to stop and smell the flowers. Pink blooms are lovely alone or mixed with white and red in the flower garden.


Hippeastrum 'Pink Impression' is a beautiful pink blooming amaryllis that can reach three feet tall but the average height is closer to two feet. Grow in full sun, average water, and well-drained soil in USDA zones 8-11. Many amaryllis have pink blooms. Gardeners may find that the search is often as enjoyable as finally adding the plant to the garden.


The Crinodonna lily (Amarcrimum) is a large plant with bloom stems reaching almost three feet tall. Fragrant, pink blooms appear in late summer or early fall and last until a heavy frost. Deer and other garden pests avoid the bulbs and plants. Grow these bulbs in full sun to partial shade, in well-drained soil and water regularly for best results. USDA zones 7-10.


Dichelostemma congestum 'Pink Diamond' are native American plants that can reach two feet tall. Their blooms are purple-pink, and appear in clusters on stems that may reach two feet tall, in late spring. They prefer full sun, average water/soil and do best in USDA zones 5-8.

Ornamental Onions

Allium carinatum ssp. pulchellum have purple stems topped by graceful dark red-violet, pendulous flowers in late spring to early fall. These perennials grow to a height of between one and two feet and form a clump up to two feet across.

Allium oreophilum (ostrowskianum) also blooms in late spring and can bloom throughout the fall and winter well into spring in many moderate climates. Bloom color of the Allium oreophilum is very dark pink. A. oreophilum is smaller than A carinatum with blooming stems only reaching approximately six inches tall.

Alliums grow best in USDA zones 5-8 in a sunny location with average moisture.

Sword Lily

Gladiolus communis ssp. Byzantinus (cornflag) is wonderful example of heirloom flowers and is native to Kentucky and Tennessee in the United States. This gladiolus has dark purplish-red blooms in late spring and very early summer. Bloom stalks reach approximately two feet tall. Sword lily will grow best in USDA zones 5-10 in a sunny location, well-drained soil and average moisture.


Veltheimia do best when grown indoors, in a hothouse or greenhouse if they are to be grown in areas that receive any frost at all. They will not survive frosty night outdoors. This plant reaches between one and two feet tall, has shiny leaves and in pink flowers. If planted outdoors in the garden, Grow Veltheimia in zones 9-11.

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