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Rose Mallow

By Contributor ; Updated September 21, 2017

(Tree Mallow)

The large, graceful, hibiscus-like blooms of the rose mallow (also called tree mallow) are one of the highlights of the garden during their long bloom season. The tropical-looking flowers blossom in shades of pink and white from June until early fall. The flowers will remind you of a hibiscus or hollyhock, to which they are related. Although this rose mallow is an annual, it reseeds itself readily if seeds are left to fall on bare soil. Rose mallow grows well in all parts of North America in almost any type of soil, and blooms well in sun or light shade. Seeds should be sown in spring.

How to Grow

Rose mallows grow in Zones 4-9. They do best in full sun or light shade. Soil should be moist and well-composted. Rose mallow is easily started from seeds planted in early spring. Thin to space plants about 3 feet apart. When setting out plants place the crowns, or tops of the root structures, 3 to 4 inches beneath the soil.

Use Rose mallow in a mixed border or as an annual shrub or low screen. This lovely flower is striking when planted in mass.

  • Type
  • Propagation
  • Light
    sun or part shade
  • Flower Color
    pink and white
  • Height
    2 to 4 feet
  • Width
  • Soil Requirements
    moist, well-composted
  • Zones
    4-9 if left outdoors
  • Uses
    back of border, groups, accents.

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