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How to Use a Plant Spa Pot for a Dendrobium Orchid

By Barbara Fahs ; Updated September 21, 2017

A plant spa is a container with a reservoir that allows your plants to receive water whenever they need it. Plant spas are a good choice for Dendrobium orchids because they prevent the orchid from receiving too much water. Too much water can rot the roots and kill the plant. A plant spa also helps the orchids drain and the reservoir water creates higher humidity, which orchids need if they are to thrive and produce blooms.

Planting a Dendrobium Orchid in a Plant Spa

Purchase a plant spa that is not too large for your Dendrobium because this orchid likes its roots to be a bit crowded. If you bought your orchid in a 4-inch nursery pot, for example, choose a plant spa that is no larger than 6 inches in diameter.

Gently remove your Dendrobium from its nursery pot. Try not to disturb the roots if possible. However, if they are compacted with the potting bark, loosen them by inserting your fingers into the root ball.

Place a small amount of orchid bark into the bottom of your plant spa and tap it down to make sure it settles and doesn’t leave too much air space.

Set your orchid into the partially filled spa and then gently fill it with more orchid bark.

Pour water into the spa’s reservoir and then place your potted orchid in a warm, humid place that receives filtered sunlight. A bathroom window is often a good location for Dendrobiums.


Things You Will Need

  • Self-watering plant spa
  • Orchid bark


  • You can put plant food in the spa's reservoir to give your Dendrobium continual fertilizer. Follow package instructions.

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