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Bulb Gardens in Texas

When one thinks of bulbs one usually thinks of the traditional spring bloomers--tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. These traditional bulbs need cold when planted. In Texas, one would consider tulips, daffodils,and hyacinths annuals. If planted after chilling for six weeks, they would bloom for only one season. However, there are bulbs including rhizomes, corms, and tubers that don’t need to be chilled, which are native to warmer climates, and that would do well in Texas gardens.


Freesia is a lovely fragrant spring blooming bulb that reaches a height of 2 feet, and is a favorite with hummingbirds. Blossom colors vary from white, red, purple, pink and yellow. You should plant freesia in a sunny area, and water the area to keep it moist but not wet. Freesia is popular in cut flower arrangements.


Jonquils have two to three blossoms on an approximately 12-inch stem. They bloom in mid to late spring with flowers that have white petals surrounding a trumpet-shaped cluster of yellow petals. The flowers are fragrant and long lasting. Jonquils add a splash of color when planted in clumps throughout the garden. They need full sun to partial shade.


Canna grows from an eye root and blooms appear in summer. These beautiful flowers come in many colors: oranges, pinks, reds and yellows. There are semi-dwarf varieties and cannas that will reach a height of 3 feet. Cannas do well in full sun, and in loose fertile soil, which is well-drained.

Calla Lily

Calla lilies reach a height from 2 to 3 feet, and blossoms appear in early summer. There are numerous varieties available, with showy blossoms in white, yellow, pink, red and purple/violet. They make an excellent accent plant in your garden or landscape and can be included in flower beds or borders. The calla lily does well in full sun, and well-drained soil.

Other Bulb Choices

There also are numerous bulbs that can be planted in the Texas garden–bulbs that do not require cold conditions when planted, such as oxalis, gladiolus, ranunculus, irises, daylilies, snowflakes and amaryllis.

Old Heirloom Bulbs

There also are Texas heirloom bulbs that will add interest to the garden, they are St. Joseph’s lily, oxblood lily, grand primo daffodil, Dutch iris, crinum, bearded iris and the spider lily. These are plants that have been part of Texas gardens for years, and they are a great choice because of their staying power/ability to grow in the Texas climate.

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