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Why My Yard Machine Mower Will Not Turn Over

Yard Machine is a brand that was once sold through the Montgomery Ward catalogs and department stores. In 1975, the Yard Machine brand was purchased from Montgomery Ward by the Machine Tool and Dye company. MT&D then began to market the brand independently of the department store chain. Today, Yard Machines are sold through a wide range of retailers. If your Yard Machine push mower will not start, you can troubleshoot the problem and fix it yourself or easily have it fixed.


Unlike other mower companies that have changed their focus to riding lawn mowers and lawn tractors, Yard Machine has continued to produce push mowers in addition to riding lawn mowers. The Yard Machine push mower line uses two distinct engine types: an MTD OHV and a Briggs and Stratton Quattro. The mowers also use one of three types of starter: an auto-choke, a no-recoil starter and an older recoil starter.


Although the motors with a recoil starter are favored by some consumers because the motors overall have fewer problems, these types of starters can be difficult to use. Mowers with a recoil starter often have to be coaxed to start by pulling a starter cord. Motors that are started improperly can easily be flooded and may not start at all. You may have to put the starter control into the stop position and pull the starter rope to clear the engine.


If your Yard Machine mower will not start, begin by checking for the most basic problems; eliminating these problems is simple and requires little technical skill. Check the level of gas in the fuel tank to ensure that the mower has enough fuel to start. If the fuel is left over from the previous year, drain the tank and replace the fuel. Your lawn mower will not run on old gasoline. Check that the fuel lines are clean. Tap the side of the carburetor to dislodge the float. If this is unsuccessful, replace the fuel filter.


Your lawn mower will not run if it cannot get power to the engine. To fix this, check to see if the spark plug is loose or if the contacts are dirty. Remove the spark plug, clean carbon from the contacts with an eraser head and then re-seat the spark plug. If your spark plug is more than a few years old, replace it entirely. Next, check that the battery has not gotten old by hooking it to a battery tester. If the battery tester shows that the battery is weak, replace it. If the battery tester indicates that the battery is strong, check that the cables connect securely and the contact points are clean. Finally, check that all fuses are good and replace any blown fuses with automotive fuses.


One final problem that may be preventing your lawn mower from starting is the wiring. Check that the ground wire is secure. The ground wire is a black wire that runs from the engine to the frame or mounting bolt to ground the engine. If this wire is not secure, the engine may not start.

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