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How to Force Peonies to Open

By Meg Butler

Sometimes we need blossoms to open before they are ready. Peonies purchased for a special occasion just won't do if they are stubbornly closed. Luckily, if you have no time to wait for nature to take its course, it is relatively easy to force peonies to open. However, not every peony can be forced. Those still growing in the ground must wait for mother nature and hard, immature peonies cannot be coaxed without damaging them. Only soft, pliable blossoms whose petals have begun to separate from the bud can be forced open.

Fill a vase with warm water.

Place each cut peony in the vase one at a time, and cut their stems at a diagonal while holding them underwater.

Place the peonies in warm area: a sunny windowsill, a spot near a warm vent or a pot of steam.

Keep the water warm by changing it frequently until the peonies open in a day or so.


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