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The Best Shrubs to Plant on Each Side of a Front Facing Garage

Shrubs serve a variety of purposes that include blocking undesirable views, creating interest and developing beauty in the surrounding landscape. Planting shrubs on each side of a front-facing garage requires taking into account different aspects of shrub choices. The shrubs are exposed to vehicle pollution and wear-and-tear from being placed in a high traffic area. The best shrubs need only yearly trimming and can tolerate man-made conditions.

Anglojap Yew

Anglojap yew (Taxus x media) grows 2 to 20 feet tall. This evergreen shrub needs pruning throughout its life to keep its size manageable. This shrub has a male and female form. Red fruit appear only on the female plants. This shrub thrives in full sun to deep shade as long as it is planted in good draining soil. Yew roots are susceptible to root rot in areas with poor drainage.

Dwarf Flowering Almond

Dwarf flowering almond (Prunus glandulosa) grows 4 to 5 feet tall and spreads 3 to 4 feet wide. Ruffled white or pink blossoms are produced in the spring. This shrub likes full sunlight and moist soil. It naturally grows in a rounded form. Dwarf flowering almond shrubs tolerate windy sites and usually have a short life of about 10 years.

Meserve Hybrid Holly

Meserve hybrid holly (Ilex x meserveae) is 6 to 8 feet tall when mature. It produces blue-green leaves year-round, and bright red fruit appear on female plants only if a male plant is nearby. This medium-sized shrub does well in full sun to partial shade.

Shrubby Cinquefoil

Shrubby cinquefoil (Potentilla fruticosa) is a small shrub of 2 to 4 feet tall and only 2 to 4 feet wide. Yellow, white or pink flowers are produced in the early summer lasting into fall. This shrub grows well in wet and dry soils, but thrives in good-draining soils. Shrubby cinquefoil tolerates salt, soil compaction and wind.

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