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How to Make a Funeral Wreath

A fresh floral funeral wreath with your own home-grown garden flowers is a meaningful tribute to a deceased family member or friend. Mix a variety of newly blossomed hardy flowers that will stay open for at least three days when placed in a wreath form that has a water base. You will find floral foam wreath forms at a craft store, a florist shop or big box store in the floral supply section.

Go to your flower garden very early in the morning. Take the bucket of warm water and your sharp knife or garden shears. Cut the flower stems on a slant and immediately place into the water. Add evergreens, asparagus fern or garden greenery that will hold up well in a wreath. Set the bucket into a cool, dark room to allow them to harden off.

Soak the wreath form in a sink or tub of water for a few hours. It will fill with water that soaks deep into the special foam. Remove it from the water and hang it up on a wreath hanger.

Cut flower stems and greenery pieces down to four- to five-inch lengths. Set the wreath onto a work surface.

Insert flower stems into the foam. Start on one side and work your way around the wreath. Place larger flowers in first for the background.

Add small, perfect looking blossoms in an gaps in the wreath. If you have a limited supply of a certain flower, such as a rose, insert the stems in the top as a cluster or at one side. You can also divide them, with one in each section of the wreath.

Insert the ribbon bow at the bottom side or center of the wreath. Place it on the wreath hanger once again. A small amount of water may drip out of the form.


Store wreath in a cool area before delivering it to the funeral home. Funeral flowers should be delivered at least one hour before a visitation or viewing period and two hours before a funeral.


Be very sure to harden off flowers used for a funeral wreath to be sure that the blossoms will not wilt while on display. Flowers must be cut when the stems are filled with nutrients early in the morning .

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